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Cling2 S21-Z Clear

Gloss clear, 150µ static self-cling PVC print film on a heat stable PE liner. Provides exceptional clarity so the clear film disappears when applied correctly to a window or other similarly smooth 1D substrate.

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Product Details

  • 1D monomeric
  • 190gsm PE coated liner
  • Width of 1370mm
  • Available in standard roll lengths of 25M, 50M and ‘buy the metre’
  • Made in the UK


Cling2 S21-Z Clear is a 150µ gloss clear static self-cling PVC on a heat stable PE liner.

Cling2 S21-Z clear, A5 printed product sample applied onto internal office window showing a close-up image of a Gecko's hand in vibrant colours with a backlit vibrant effect from the sun shining through the ctransluscent colours and a very black primnted background square with the clear area of film surrounding the printed graphic.gecko-hand

Cling2 S21-Z Clear static cling print vinyl provides a clarity that is better than any others we have seen, allowing the clear film to disappear when applied correctly to a window.

This clear vinyl is generally printed in reverse.

The product can be backed up with a thin white self-adhesive PVC or white ink to add punch to the image.

The highly plasticised film will adhere to any smooth surface, such as glass or painted metal, with no adhesive residue when the printed graphic is removed.

Wet application is recommended as it will give a better seal to the substrate, eliminating air bubbles.

For a guide to applying Cling2 PE Static Cling films we have a VIDEO guide, or you can download our Cling2 Application Guide PDF here.

We also offer a white version of the static cling print vinyl, Cling2 S11-Z White.

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