ClingSIL Clear CSC130

Ultra-clear gloss transparent, 100µ non-PVC ‘easy to apply’ polyester print film with silicone adhesive for indoor prints on windows and other smooth surfaces. Can also be used for selective external applications onto glass for 18 to 24 months. Excellent optical clarity.

Product Details

  • 1D monomeric
  • External life of 18-24 months in selective areas
  • Silcone repositionable and removable adhesive
  • Polyester liner
  • Width of 1370mm
  • Available in standard roll lengths of 30M and ‘buy the metre’
  • Non PVC product
APS product code: ClingSIL Clear CSC130


ClingSIL Clear CSC130 is an ‘easy to apply’, 100µ ultra-clear gloss transparent polyester film with silicone adhesive for indoor prints onto windows.

ClingSIL Clear is ideal for printed applications onto internal windows and other smooth surfaces.

It has a repositionable and removable silicone adhseive that won’t leave any adhesive residue behind when removed.

The optical clarity on this film is excellent, allowing the clear film to virtually disappear when applied correctly to windows.

ClingSIL Clear is suitable for printing in reverse for viewing through the film when applied to windows.

The product can be printed with white ink or backed up with a thin white self-adhesive PVC to add punch to the image.

Used mainly for 1D internal window decorations onto glass for window graphics and retail window advertising, but it can also be used for selective external applications on glass for 18 to 24 months.

ClingSIL clear window film sample media applied onto an external window with a printed graphic of a multitude of skulls and roses in vivid red and grey colours on a black background. The image has been overprinted onto white ink in selected areas to give extra strength to the colours in certain areas - you can see the clarity of this film as you look through the film in the unprinted areas and into the street beyond.

Our ClingSIL range also offers a White version of this film, ClingSIL White CSW130.

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