RTape Conform 4075 High Tack Paper Application Tape

RTape Conform 4075 High Tack Paper is a better choice of graphics application paper for small intricate work. This product is PVC free.

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Product Details

  • Widths of 1220mm and 1520mm
  • Available in standard roll lengths of 100yds and 100M
  • Rolls can be slit to order

R-Tape graphics transfer application tape paper ispoking out from one end of an opened, R-Tape corporate branded box.


RTape Conform 4075 High Tack Paper is a better choice of graphics application tape for small intricate work.

RTape Conform 4075 paper application tape does everything else that the Conform 4050 Medium Tack product does.

Conform 4075 is a standard weight saturated paper coated with a high tack rubber adhesive.

It is designed specifically for pre-masking of small and mid-sized die-cut or pre-spaced vinyl, and for applying the printed graphics into position.

This application tape removes easily following the application of graphics.

If adhesive touches adhesive, Conform 4075 application tape pulls apart easily with no adhesive delamination.

This application paper works well in both ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ application methods with no adhesive transfer.

Typical uses:

  • Pre-mask for small and medium size vinyl graphics
  • All-purpose application tape for wet and dry applications
  • Excellent for transferring graphics to banners

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