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Application Film – KleenView KV40 Medium Clear Film

KleenView 40 clear medium tack application film allows you to see what you are doing when taping graphics. This product is PVC free.

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Product Details

  • Width of 1220mm
  • Available in standard roll lengths of 100yds
  • Rolls can be slit to order

KleenView Clear graphics transfer application film being held prior to transfering an adhesive graphic, with the white liner being peeled away.


KleenView 40 clear medium tack application film allows you to see what you are doing when taping graphics.

More and more customers are now moving over to clear application tapes.

Wet application can take longer.

KV40 Medium Clear graphics application film is a transparent application tape based on a single-side embossed PP film with a clear self-wound medium tack adhesive for all pre-mask, pre-space and application tape requirements.

Typical uses:

  • For all applications where it’s important to see application position of the graphics
  • Suitable for all graphics
  • Pre-mask for printed vinyl graphics
  • All purpose transfer and pre-space tape
  • Protection tape for digitally printed graphics

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