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Krea Royal Majestic 1025-11

A 220gsm woven fire rated 100% polyester display fabric canvas available up to 3.2M wide, making it the ideal product for one-piece seamless wall graphics, and is also used for stretched canvas, art reproduction prints, roll-up displays and frontlit banners. This product is PVC free.

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Product Details

  • Fire rated DIN 4102-1 B1
  • Widths of 1550mm and 3200mm
  • Available in standard roll lengths of 50M and ‘buy the metre’

Royal Majestic 1025-11 print fabric is applied to an internal plastered wall with a print of Tower Bridge in London, UK, in blue hues with red streaks as the traffic rushes by. The viewing angle is seen from pedestrian level from the centre of the bridge looking slightly upwards at one of the blockwork towers in the central distance with suspension bars coming outwards towards and away from the viewer spreading upwards to the left and right of the image.


Royal Majestic 1025-11 is a 220gsm woven, fire rated, 100% polyester, display print fabric canvas.

Krea’s Royal Majestic 1025-11 display print fabric is both water-tight and air-tight, with good flatness.

Available up to 3.2M wide, it is the ideal product for one-piece seamless wall graphics as it is easy to paste, has good opacity and is robust to handle.
There is no need for time consuming joints and very little waste is generated making it far quicker and easier to fit than a self-adhesive vinyl option.

Royal Majestic 1025-11 display print fabric is regularly used for:

  • One-piece seamless wall graphics / textile wallpaper
  • Stretch / Tension display frames
  • Stretched canvas
  • Art reproduction prints
  • Roll-up displays
  • Roller Blinds
  • Frontlit banners

This product can be cold cut or hot cut.

» We offer a range of Tension Display Frames and Banner Display & Framing options, as well as our Altona Two banner stand for roll-up displays that are perfect for use with Royal Majestic 1025-11 – click the links for more information.

How to prepare and apply ‘Royal Majestic’ as a wall covering

We have put together a ‘prep and application DEMO tips video’ showing how you can use Royal Majestic to create excellent one-piece seamless wall graphics:

» Click here to go back and view all of the Printable Display Fabric Media in our range.

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