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Krea Speedy 911-11

A 180gsm woven fire rated polyester fabric for both frontlit and backlit tension display frames and is water-resistant, fire rated, crease-free, water-tight and air-tight, with good flatness. This product is PVC free.

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Product Details

  • Fire rated DIN 4102-1 B1
  • Widths of 1600mm and 3200mm
  • Available in standard roll lengths of 50M, 100M and ‘buy the metre’

Speedy-911-11 display fabric media in a curved shape tension frame, a square shaoed frame with a square whole in the central part of the tension frame and a small portrait tension frame in front of these two framed shapes.


Speedy 911-11 is a 180gsm woven, fire rated polyester print fabric for frontlit and backlit tension display frames.

A silver framed tension display lightbox frame shown facing forward with the left-hand corner slightly more in the forefront with the lights on inside, and a bright red, yellow and black stripey blur image printedon the Speedy 911-11 fabric which has been installed only at the top of the display frame so the backlit lighting system can be seen clearly inside the bottom half of the frame.Krea Speedy 911-11 display print fabric is a water-resistant, fire rated, crease-free, water-tight and air-tight fabric with good flatness.

For printing with Dye-dispersion, UV and Latex inks.
When Dye-sublimation printing use the outside face of the roll.
Speedy 911-11 may work on your Solvent printer if you self-test the media and are subsequently satisfied with your results.

This product can be cold cut.

Speedy 911-11 can be used for:

  • Stretch / Tension display frames
  • Lightbox displays
  • Tablecloths

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