Magnetic Tape

MTA Magnetic type ‘A’ adhesive backed 1.5mm tape for pop-ups.

Product Details

  • Sold individually
  • Widths of 12.7mm
  • Available in standard roll lengths of 30M


MTA Magnetic Tape type ‘A’, with double-sided adhesive tape on one side, is for fixing display panels onto pop-up frames.

The brown coloured Magnetic Tape coil is pictured being held at the loose end of the tape as the installer releases the red PE film liner from the double-sided adhesive tape and sticks down the adhesive side of the magnetic tape to the rear of some pop-up display media laid out on a flat work bench.

MTA Type A Magnetic Tape is an adhesive backed 1.5mm mag ‘A’ pattern isotropic magnetic extrusion strip for the rear of pop-up display panels.

Featuring Tesa’s 4965 double-sided tape with red PE film liner for easy stripping and maximum peace of mind.

The brown coloured Magnetic Tape, MTA type A for rear of pop-up display panels, is shown here in its 33M long reel, coiled into a tidy, tight reel with the leading edge trailing into the foreground towards the viewer away from the coil shape.

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APS product code: MTA Type A Magnetic Strip


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