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Reflective Films

A range of retro-reflective films from Oralite for most applications.


A range of retro-reflective films for most applications.

See the Products In Range links below for full details and datasheets for all of the products in our Reflective Films range.

ORALITE 5400 reflective sign vinyl used cut to shape in reflecting stripes on the side of this vehicle graphic, with the blue reflective vinyl visually jumping out from this photo which has been taken with the FLASH ON so that this safety film really stands out from the background as the light bounces back off of its surface.

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Products in Range

Oralite 5200 Economy Series Reflective

Economy Series Reflective film - 80µ conformable cast PVC which has excellent adhesion, good long term removability, and is also suitable for Solvent, Latex and UV printers. View more info >

Oralite 5400 Commercial Series Reflective

90µ cast PVC flexible reflective sign vinyl made to classification RA1, design A (former type 1) and is suitable for Solvent, Latex and UV printers. View more info >

Oralite 5500 Engineering Series Reflective

110µ cast PVC reflective film with watermarking, suitable for traffic control and lettering applications. This series complies with EN12899-1 (RA1; design A) and ASTM D4956-09 (Type I sheeting) and the colours in daylight comply with the specifications of this class (RA1; design A). View more info >

Recommended Products

The quick and easy way to wet apply vinyl graphics, RAPIDTAC ORIGINAL (pink colour) application fluid can significantly improve the adhesive bond compared with soapy water.
RAPIDTAC II works quicker than the ORIGINAL, as it dramatically speeds up application tape removal time, saving you waiting around on site for the vinyl to bond but giving you the perfect finish you would expect from wet application.
RAPIDREMOVER adhesive remover (pale lemon colour) is the quick, safe and easy way to remove old adhesive residue without damage.
RTape Conform 4050 Medium Tack graphics transfer tape is a good all round choice if you want to stick to one application paper. This product is PVC free.

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