Spider Display Frame Fabric Insertion Tool

An essential tool for inserting display fabrics into our ‘Spider Tension Display Frame System‘.

Product Details

  • Sold individually
APS product code: Spider Fabric Insertion Tool


The ‘Spider Display Frame Fabric Insertion Tool’ is for inserting fabrics neatly into tension display frames.

The Spider Fabric Insertion Tool is for our Spider Tension Display Frame System and used in conjunction with the ‘Gripper Profile’ in tension display frames.

Close up of hands using the curved insertion tool to insert the edges of a printed fabric into the gripper system around the edges of a metal lightbox frame, with one edge of the fabric pushed into the frame gripper edge and working upwards to push the rest of the loose fabric into the rest of the display frame edging.

A tool for inserting farbics into display frame gripper systems which has a semi-circular, curved bevelled blunt edge and a robust straight black handle with a hard black plastic hammered type finish att6ached to the metal tool blade with two silver colour flat head screws.

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