Non-PVC Fabric Media

A range of both woven and lower cost knitted fabrics to cover most display applications. Our entire range of printable fabrics are non-PVC based products selected to give our customers the creative options they need in todays graphic display market in retail, office, leisure projects and more. Our current range of PVC free printable fabrics include materials from Sihl, Krea and APS.
Download this PDF to see how we are moving to improve sustainability issues within the wide format market.

    APS Butterfly TSFG120
    A non-PVC, 120gsm polyester, matt white, knitted printable fabric supplied on a clear LDPE release liner for Solvent printing - ideal for producing all types of short term flags such as beach flags, feather flags and teardrop flags as good 'show through' is achievable.
    APS Rio TSPC220
    An economical 220gsm satin matt white, 100% polyester canvas, with excellent print vibrancy and ink control, water-tight and air tight with good flatness and is used for stretched canvas, art reproduction prints, roll-up displays and as textile wallpaper. This product is PVC free.
    Krea Blackback Soft 1056-16
    A 240gsm woven, black backed, single-side coated 100% polyester fabric with a black backing suitable for suspended banners, displays, frontlit banners, blockout banners, roll-up banners, stage sets and as a textile wallpaper. This product is PVC free.
    Krea Royal Majestic 1025-11
    A 220gsm woven fire rated 100% polyester display fabric canvas available up to 3.2M wide, making it the ideal product for one-piece seamless wall graphics, and is also used for stretched canvas, art reproduction prints, roll-up displays and frontlit banners. This product is PVC free.
    Krea Speedy 911-11
    A 180gsm woven fire rated polyester fabric for both frontlit and backlit tension display frames and is water-resistant, fire rated, crease-free, water-tight and air-tight, with good flatness. This product is PVC free.
    Sihl Picasso 3609 Canvas
    A satin canvas with a 1:1 weave polycotton blend that provides outstanding print quality and also dries quickly. This print canvas is ideal for long term internal projects whilst also offering better than normal water resistance, and it can also be folded over frames without cracking. This product is PVC free.

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