Spider Tension Display Frame System

A lightweight and easy to construct tension frame for display fabrics suitable for use everywhere, including exhibitions, retail displays, light boxes, backlit applications, offices and for wall coverings. Made in the UK.

Product Details

Frame Profile Options:
Made in the UK, the system includes corner connectors and a fitting tool (if needed) and is available in the following profiles:

  • Spider 8mm Profile:
    For framing out recesses or converting existing lightboxes or signs to a fabric display
  • Spider 18mm, 32mm, 48mm (Double-Sided), 55mm Profiles:
    To produce wall mounted, floor standing, or hanging display frames
  • Spider 27mm, 65mm, 100mm, 120mm (Double-Sided) Profiles:
    All designed for LED lightboxes and come in kit form or fully manufactured
  • Spider 48mm Double Profile:
    Specially designed to produce edge to edge walls and cubes
  • Spider 65mm Corner Profile:
    Specially designed to produce frameless corner lightboxes and cubes
  • All Profiles are available in standard lengths of 3.06M – bespoke sizes are also available, contact our sales offices

» To see the dimensions and shapes of each of the Profiles, click here (PDF).

Frame Colours:

  • Silver anodised, Black or White are the standard colours.
  • Can be powder coated to any RAL colour if required.
APS product code: Spider Fabric Display Frame System


Our Spider Tension Display Frame System is a lightweight and easy to construct tension frame for display fabrics.

A silver framed tension display lightbox frame shown from the left-hand-front-corner-side with the lights on inside, and a bright red, yellow and black stripey blur patterned printed fabric which has been installed only at the top of the display frame, so the lights in the box can be seen clearly in the bottom half.Made in the UK.

The ‘Spider Tension Display Frame System‘ is a range of easy to construct, slim-line, light-weight silver anodised aluminium display frame/lightbox framing systems for front-lit or back-lit applications.

Tension display frames are typically used for exhibitions, retail displays, offices and wall graphics.

Fabric images require no special finishing and can be installed by anyone when using the ‘Spider Tension Display Frame‘ and Gripper System.

For fixing fabrics to the tension frames, we offer a few options:

The Spider Tension Display Frames are available in a full range of standard and bespoke sizes to suit your needs.

Aluminium extrusion lengths are available in 3 metres as standard, however these can be easily joined to create much larger frames.

The lengths can be provided for you to cut to the size you need or we can cut bespoke sizes to your exact specifications.

Dependent on the frame size bracing profiles can be supplied to keep your free standing frame robust.

We also have a varied range of footplates so they stay upright.

We offer the following printing fabrics suitable for these frames:

How to assemble the ‘Spider Fabric Tension Display Frame System’

This demo video shows how quick and easy it is to assemble the unique ‘Spider Fabric Tension Display Frame System‘ from All Print Supplies (3 mins 4 secs).

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