Buy The Metre: KINGFISHER (TDWG160) gloss white woven printing fabric for large format latex, UV, and dye-sublimation printed prmotional graphics can be bought by the linear metre from All Print Supplies.

Speciality Fabric
for latex, UV, dye dispersion &
dye sublimation transfer printing:

Kingfisher (TDWG160)KINGFISHER (TDWG160) gloss white woven fabric is an environmentally concious product.
160gsm polyester, gloss white, woven fabric
KINGFISHER woven fabric is compatible with latex printer inks.KINGFISHER (TDWG160) gloss white fabric is suitable for UV printing inks.KINGFISHER (TDWG160) is compatible with dye-sublimation printers.

KINGFISHER icon: 160gsm gloss white woven fabric for promotional tablecloths and prominent branding opportunities.Kingfisher fabric is a 160gsm gloss white woven fabric for latex, UV and dye-sublimation transfer printing.

This glossy fabric comes up to 3060mm wide, gives a very vibrant print and is ideal for glossy banners, promotional projects, and custom printed tablecloths which provide an easy way to promote your brand and maximise space which would previously have been left unbranded!

A custom printed branded tablecloth with the Blackberry logo printed prominently onto the front. Promotional items such as this can easily be created with our KINGFISHER woven fabric.


Above: Two examples of
custom branded tablecloths.

This textile is great for exhibitions, markets, parties …or wherever you can think of to prominently position your branding!

Suitable for hanging banners, table cloths, sashes etc.

Kingfisher woven fabric offers good levels of flatness combined with good opacity.

PVC and phthalate free.

Hot cut only, when handling Kingfisher you will need to use edge guards where possible

For promotional textiles we offer two products that are compatible with the main ink types in the market; Kingfisher as detailed here, and our Gull’ textile which is compatible with eco-solvent, UV and latex printers (for more details on ‘Gull’, click here).

• Hanging banners.
• Table cloths.
• Banners.

Product attributes:
• Compatible with UV printers.
• Compatible with latex printers.
• Compatible with dye-sub (direct).
• Compatible with dye-sub (transfer).
• Good flatness.
• Good opacity.
• Hot cut.

Product handling:
• Use edge guards where possible.
• Media handling tool is not required for HP26500 & L28500.
• Platen Covers are not required for HP26500 & L28500.

Contact the sales offices to request a sample and try it out for yourself.

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Available in 50M rolls in widths of 1520mm and *3060mm.
Buy the metre: non-standard roll lengths are surcharged at 33%.
(*3060mm wide is not available ’Buy the metre’).