STAHLS CAD-COLOR SportsFilm digital print heat transfer films for garment decoration are available to buy by the linear metre as well as full rolls of 25M x 500mm, 750mm, 1000mm and 1500mm wide.

Media for garment Graphics:

STAHLS' - CUT vinyl logoSTAHLS' Digital COLOR SportsFilm
Coloured heat transfer polyurethane
STAHL’S CAD-COLOR is suitable for digital prints using solvent and latex inks.

STAHLS CAD-COLOR SportsFilm shown here digitally printed in PANTONE 362C green and then partially weeded out on the transparent film layer before the transfer film is cut into shape ready to be positioned onto the garment and applied with a heat press.Digital COLOR SportsFilm is ideal for photo-realistic images, or tones, to create multi-coloured designs.

The 85µ polyurethane matt white film is thin and very easy to weed.

Suitable for solvent and latex printing.

T-Shirt icon with APS logo printed onto it - creating your own garment designs with STAHLS CAD-COLOR SportsFilm digital printed heat transfer films for clothing decoration such as t-shirts, hoodies, work cloths and promotional garments.Suitable for garments made from:

  • 100% cotton
  • Poly / Cotton blends
  • 100% polyester


You will need to use STAHLS' MagicMask Plus heat resistant transfer film to apply the printed graphics - this acts rather like an application tape for standard CAD vinyl graphics, but it protects your graphics during heat transfer.

Application Instructions:
5 seconds at 150ºC, or 10 seconds at 130ºC under medium pressure, peel hot.
Recommended washing temperature is 60ºC.
STAHLS' Hotronix® Heat Press recommended pressure setting is 4-6.

Click here to view our short demo video showing you how to create and apply designs for clothing using Stals Digitl COLOR vinyl to create full printed colour designs on garments.Watch our short demo video 'How to prepare, print, cut and apply Stahls ‘Digital COLOR’ vinyl's for full colour digitally printed designs onto garments popularly used on T-Shirts and fabrics' to show how easy it is to create colourful full colour designs on clothing (12 mins 40 secs).

» Application Instruction Sheet.
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Available in 25M rolls in widths of 500mm, 750mm, 1000mm and 1500mm.
Buy the metre: non-standard roll lengths are surcharged at 33%.

For the complete list of our CAD digital print heat transfer films for creating garment graphics select the 'STAHL’S Digital COLOR Heat Transfer Films - For Solvent and Latex Printing' link from the navigation menu on your left, or use the links below to see the individual products within this category:

STAHLS' Digital COLOR SportsFilm - ideal for photo-realistic images, or tones, to create multi-coloured designs. The matt white film is thin, very easy to weed, and cut through the polyester backing.

STAHLS’ Digital COLOR Digital SuperTEK Sublistop - adheres to virtually any fabric, very easy to weed and cut through the polyester backing. The first sub-block with four-way stretch and with patented ONYX STiX2 charcoal based adhesive. Offers fast, low-temperature heat application to prevent heat press marks and gives a soft, lightweight feel on the garment.

STAHLS' Digital COLOR MagicMask Plus - a heat resistant transfer film, used rather like an application tape but is for applying heat transfer prints, and is required for almost all Digital COLOR products.

STAHLS' Cover Sheet (Multi-Use) - Single sheets used to protect the garment and upper platen from dirt and dyes, are reusable and also leave a nice finish on the letters and numbers.