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Cost Effective and Robust Sticker Labels Customers Love!

Our DigiPRINT DS3007 was used to create cost effective, robust sticker labels that applied easily to product packaging and ‘low-energy’ display surfaces.

Applying the printed self-adhesive gloss white label to the product packaging as an information label describing the boxes product contents energy efficiency.

The labels, a legal requirement, needed to be made in the form of stickers that were easy for customers and distributors to apply to packaging boxes and directly to products’ ‘low-energy’ surfaces for display purposes (i.e.: textured cast iron and stone).

DigiPRINT DS3007 proved the ideal solution!

Cost effective and robust, the thick white material meant there was no need to laminate, keeping costs down.

The high tack adhesive means they stick well to low energy surfaces.

Digitally printing DS3007 energy efficiency labels.
Weeding out waste printed vinyl from the printed self-adhesive gloss white DigiPRINT DS3007 material, prior to trimming to size.
Completed DS3007 self-adhesive print n cut energy efficiency sticker labels stacked and fanned out on table ready for use by the end cusomter for packaging and display information labelling.

Want to find out more?

» Read this short Case Study from one of our happy customers who has been using DS3007 to produce energy efficiency labels that his end users love!

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