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Technical textiles for digital direct and transfer printing.

Krea‘s textiles have been developed in collaboration with customers in the graphic arts industry to meet the necessary turnkey solutions this industry requires.

Krea offer a range of application possibilities. Flame retardant – no white breakage – textile softness. Maximum print brilliance and contour sharpness with the smallest amount of inks.

A 240gsm woven, black backed, single-side coated 100% polyester fabric with a black backing suitable for suspended banners, displays, frontlit banners, blockout banners, roll-up banners, stage sets and as a textile wallpaper. This product is PVC free.
A 220gsm woven fire rated 100% polyester display fabric canvas available up to 3.2M wide, making it the ideal product for one-piece seamless wall graphics, and is also used for stretched canvas, art reproduction prints, roll-up displays and frontlit banners. This product is PVC free.
A 180gsm woven fire rated polyester fabric for both frontlit and backlit tension display frames and is water-resistant, fire rated, crease-free, water-tight and air-tight, with good flatness. This product is PVC free.