Finishing Media: Internal Flooring

    Our most durable laminate for internal floor graphics with an R11 slip rating and an expected outdoor life of 3 months, used with Mactac's StreetRap print media, the finished product conforms well to exterior uneven surfaces such as concrete pavement and bitumen.
    Floortex FV4-65
    One of our lower cost floor laminates, this 100µ textured laminating PVC film is for internal floor graphic applications with a service life of around 3 months and rated to DIN 51130 anti-slip group R9.
    Floortex FV8-85
    Primarily for the protection of internal floor graphics and has a service life of around 6 months, this 200µ textured PVC face film has an R11 slip resistance rating so it can be used in all public places including stairwells and the like.
    125µ grain textured semi-matt PVC anti-slip laminate specially designed to protect indoor floor graphics for up to 3 months and has an R9 slip rating. Helps eliminate glare while providing a sophisticated look for promotions and advertising.
    A 100µ matt grain textured PVC film for protection of floor graphics, approved to ASTM Friction Test C-1028-2007 for slip resistance up to 6 months internally. Also suitable for laminating UV prints.