KPMF K75100 Opaque Glitter Series

Made in the UK, KPMF’s K75100 range features 70µ cast PVC face films in 8 gloss glitter pattern colours. The vinyls are conformable and ‘shrink-free’ with the glitter effect viewable only from the front side. Made in the UK.

Product Details

  • 2D cast
  • 8 gloss glitter colours
  • External life of 4-5 years
  • Solvent permanent acrylic adhesive
  • 150gsm backprinted PE coated liner
  • Widths of 610mm and 1220mm
  • Available in standard roll lengths of 10M, 25M, 50M and ‘buy the metre’
  • Made in the UK

K75150 Black Glitter used as a cut-graphic background for a Seasonal window sign advert - the glistenining effect of this black vinyl is really punchy especially as the sun hits it and it sprakles, really bringing the window sign to life!


KPMF K75100 opaque glitter pattern cast sign vinyls come in 8 gloss colours with a heavily ‘metal flaked’ pattern for all kinds of stand out sign and display graphics.

The KPMF K75100 range of cast sign vinyls are eye-catching sparkling colours used for all kinds of signage and marking graphics.

The range of KPMF K75100 Glitter Series in 8 glittering heavily flaked sign vinyl colours. Each of the colour samples are shown, from left to right: red, pink, lilac, dark blue, forest green, gold, silver and sparkling black.

Made in the UK, the KPMF K75100 range features a range of colours with a glitter pattern in the 70µ cast PVC face film.

The product is still conformable and ‘shrink-free’ and suitable for internal and external applications onto smooth, flat and gently contoured surfaces.

The glitter effect is on the face film side only, not the adhesive side, so the glitter effect is only viewable from the front side.

The sparking glitter colours in our K75100 Opaque Glitter Series, are:

  • K75151 – Red Glitter
  • K75152 – Pink Glitter
  • K75157 – Lilac Glitter
  • K75156 – Dark Blue Glitter
  • K75153 – Forest Green Glitter
  • K75159 – Gold Glitter
  • K75158 – Silver Glitter
  • K75150 – Black Glitter

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