Keder Lip Silicone Stitch On Tape

Flat extruded elasticated Silicone used to sew the edge of printed textile fabrics which allows soft signage to lock into an aluminium frame.

Product Details

  • Sold individually
  • Available in rolls 14mm x 100M
APS product code: Silicone Stitch on Tape


Keder Lip Silicone Stitch On Tape for tension frames.

Keder Lip Silicone Stitch On Tape is a flat extruded elasticated Silicone that is used to sew the edge of printed textile fabrics and allows soft signage (printed fabrics) to lock into an aluminium tension display frame.

This system of finishing fabrics into tension display frames creates a sleek finished look.

Silicone stitch on tape offers the versatilility to enable switching out graphics repeatedly without having to replace the frame.

The Silicone gives the product a longer durability than the PVC version and can be a better option for in-line sewing machines.

Fully compatible with our ‘Spider Fabric Display Frame System’.

White Silicone stitch-on keder-lip tape for fabric signage is pictured wound around the core of its drum packaging which consists of two circular shaped MDF boards, one at the top and one at the bottom, with a roll core attaching the two through the centre to hold the tape securley in storage.

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