LC5510S Silver Crystal

Our new ‘air-free’ and ‘slideable’ adhesive version of LC5510, this 90µ polymeric Silver Crystal etch effect decorative window film features LG Hausys micro-embossed ‘air-free’ adhesive that allows the film to be applied dry without air bubbles, and has very good stability & light transmission, good privacy and excellent UV block. Fire rated.

Product Details

  • 2D polymeric
  • ‘Air-free’ and ‘slideable’ solvent permanent repositionable adhesive
  • Fire rated EN13501-1
  • Widths of 610mm and 1220mm

A photo of LG's 'silver crystal' frosted glass etch window vinyl with air free and slideable adhesive as it has been installed onto an internal office window with coloured objects behind the film to show the colour, light transmission and privacy this window film provides - Download the photo colour card PDF of all examples of the window decoration films from All Print Supplies range of LG Sign & Graphics coloured, frosted and patterned glass effect media.

APS product code: LC5510S Silver Crystal


LC5510S Silver Crystal etch effect window film is an ‘air-free’ and ‘slideable’ version of LC5510.

LC5510S Silver Crystal is a 90µ polymeric film and features LG Hausys’ micro-embossed ‘air-free’ adhesive that allows the film to be applied dry without air bubbles.

The ‘slideable’ feature aids in repositioning the graphic, allowing it to be slid on the glass into position.

The ‘air-free’ structure is not visible through the film and these benefits are all available with no price premium over the standard LC5510 product.

Very good stability and light transmission, good privacy and UV block is excellent.

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