ORALITE 5200 printable reflective economy printable sign vinyl is available to buy in linear metres and by the roll

Reflective SIGN Vinyls For SignMaking:

ORALITE 5200ORALITE 5200 is printable with eco-solvent and latex printer inks.
Economy flexible PVC,
printable vehicle grade reflective, 3 year

Reflective sign vinyls applied as van livery which can be seen reflecting back the light from an exterior light source, in this case the flash of a camera as this photo was taken.Oralite 5200 economy reflective cast PVC face film for reflective signs is conformable and is also suitable for eco-solvent and latex printers.

Excellent adhesion combined with good long term removability.

Available in a range of colours for general purpose reflective lettering, numbers and symbols, as well as economical traffic signs, warning and information signs.

The ORALITE 5200 range is completely compliant with latest European REACH regulations.

Supplied on a stable 145gsm PE liner, it's easy to cut and weed.

All Print Supplies exclusive 'GALAXY' vinyl colour guide 2016 is the complete guide to every sign vinyl colour in our range in one innovative and easy-to-use swatch format.'Galaxy Vinyl Colour Guide 2016' product codes: APS 5200-XXX

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Available in 10M, 25M and 50M rolls in widths of 610mm and 1220mm.
Buy the metre: non-standard roll lengths are surcharged at 33%.

We believe the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 2004 state the following:
• Red must be used to the rear
• White or amber can be used to the side
• White or amber can be used to the front

The class system for reflective has changed in recent times:
• The old Class 1 under BS873 is now termed Class Ref 2 BS EN 12899-1;2001
• The old Class 2 under BS873 is now Class Ref 1 BS EN 12899-1;2001

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ORALITE 5200 - Economy flexible PVC, printable vehicle grade reflective colour vinyls, 3 year lifespan.
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ORALITE 5500 - Engineering grade, retroreflective colour vinyls, 7 year lifespan.
MAClite 5700 Series - Flexible grade reflective sign vinyl, 5-7 year lifespan.