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    Fluorescent Films
    From Mactac and KPMF, two ranges of eye-catching fluorescent sign vinyls suitable for most applications, including high impact and promotional signage.
    KPMF Decorative Window Films
    From KPMF, a range of polymeric and cast decorative glass etch window films in different finishes. Made in the UK.
    KPMF K70900 Opaque Metallic Series
    From KPMF, an excellent and interesting range of gloss metallic cast sign vinyls for long term use on curved surfaces. The 10-12 year, long outdoor life exceeds any of our other metallic film manufacturers. Made in the UK.
    KPMF K74500 Ultra Destruct Series
    A cast range of ultra destruct PVC's from KPMF for anti-vandal or security applications in 2 gloss and 1 matt colours. Brittle 50µ cast film, with a high tack adhesive, that will break up when removed. Once applied it will become tamper proof in around 20 minutes. Made in the UK.
    KPMF K75100 Opaque Glitter Series
    Made in the UK, KPMF's K75100 range features 70µ cast PVC face films in 8 gloss glitter pattern colours. The vinyls are conformable and 'shrink-free' with the glitter effect viewable only from the front side. Made in the UK.
    Photoluminescent Films
    'Glow-in-the-dark' photoluminescent vinyls from KPMF (Made in the UK) and APS - suitable for most applications, including industrial safety signs and promotional signage.

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