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Nazdar Solvent Inks Offer Fantastic Savings!

See the savings and quality that Nazdar Solvent inks offer.
We have hundreds of customers saving money by switching to Nazdar ink for Roland and Mimaki Solvent printers.

See the savings and quality that Nazdar Digital Solvent inks offer - APS branded solvent ink cartridges are shown fanned out over a black background showing yellow, light magenta, magenta, light cyan, cyan and pure black colour carts.

These inks are almost identical in colour to the original inks, so no need for re-profiling.

Simply plug these inks in and you are ready to go… there’s no need to flush out your original inks, just mix ‘n’ match ink cartridges.

We have been selling the Nazdar range of digital Solvent inks for nearly 10 years and they have proven to be no-fuss, ‘plug and play’ inks for Mimaki and Roland Solvent printers.

Our comprehensive range of digital inks are manufactured in the UK and have followed extensive testing on our own in-house printers.

Nazdar have been making ink since 1922 and established a digital ink division way back in 1995.
This knowledge and expertise allows Nazdar to offer the Industry’s strongest third-party warranty.

Available in 440ml cartridges – prices from £60 per cart.
Bulk ink options are also available.

  • Nazdar 130 Series
    SS21 replacement inks. Designed specifically for use in Mimaki JV33, CJV, JV300 and JV150 Digital Printers
  • Nazdar 133 Series
    SS21 replacment inks. For use in Mimaki JV33 and CJV30 Digital Printers
  • Nazdar 2000 Series
    For use with Roland Solvent printers running Roland Eco Sol Max inks
  • Nazdar 202 Series
    A high quality alternative to Roland Eco Sol Max 2 original inks

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