NU-COAT airXit Range Of Media – Fast, Easy, Bubble-Free Self-Adhesive For Wet & Dry Applications

Introducing NU-COAT’s airXit bubble-free self-adhesive range of media – developed for fast, easy, bubble free wet or dry application.

NU-COAT easy-apply self-adhesive media with airXit bubble-free adhesive for fast dry applications is available in a range of face film options.

NU-COAT’s airXit bubble-free self-adhesive provides a series of micro structured air channels underneath the face film. This enables a fast, easy, bubble free application which is developed for wet or dry applications.

Available in Matt & Gloss face films with standard & high opacity, PermPLUS & HighGRAB adhesive option.

In stock and available for next day delivery.

Click the links below for more information (Technical Data Sheet PDF’s) on each of the products.

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Monomeric Print Films
Fire rated, 3-5 years external

  • M11-P-X standard opacity, 80µ gloss white, PermPLUS airXit
  • M12-P-X high opacity, 80µ gloss white, PermPLUS airXit
  • M12-H-X high opacity, 80µ gloss white, HighGRAB airXit
  • M15-P-X standard opacity, 80µ matt white, PermPLUS airXit
  • M16-H-X high opacity, 80µ matt white, HighGRAB airXit

Polymeric Print Films
Fire rated, 7 years external

  • P11-P-X standard opacity, 75µ gloss white, PermPLUS airXit
  • P12-P-X high opacity, 75µ gloss white, PermPLUS airXit

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