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NU-COAT Frosted & Silver Crystal Decorative Window Etch Films

Two decorative window etch films from NU-COAT, M63-W-P Frosted & P65-W-P Silver Crystal feature “WindowPLUS” adhesive that does not whiten when wet applied, even at colder temperatures.

Nu-Sign ‘W’ Series window films offer two decorative glass etch films, M63-W-P Frosted Effect monomeric and P65-W-P Silver Crystal polymeric window films.

Both films feature NU-COAT’s WindowPLUS (W), UV polyacrylate adhesive that will not whiten (‘milk’) when wet applied, even at colder temperatures and the ‘water-repellent’ PE coated liner makes wet application easier.

This adhesive builds bonds fast, even in wet and cold conditions, allowing you to remove the application tape quickly and save time and money in the application phase.

Used primarily for plotter cut, CAD decorative designs on glass and for window privacy, these films can also be Latex and UV printed (users are advised to test print first).

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NU-COAT window etch film on an internal glass window with a silver etch hexagon honeycomb cutout design pattern that runs across the centre of the 3 corridor windows.

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