Garments (CUT Colour Films)

A couple of different ranges of solid colour CAD-CUT garment decoration films.

    Stahls' Cover Sheet Grip
    A Cover Sheet protects your garment and upper platen from stains, inks, adhesives, and scratches when under the heat press.
    Stahls' CUT BasicFilm
    A low cost range of coloured polyurethane heat transfer films suitable for garment designs that require large CAD-CUT vinyl block colour work, such as numbers, names, and logos, but not for intricate work.
    Stahls' CUT SportsFilm
    The most popular of the two solid colour 'CUT' ranges. A large range of solid coloured, 80µ matt polyurethane heat transfer films suitable for more complex CAD-CUT garment designs.

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