Stahls’ CUT BasicFilm

A low cost range of coloured polyurethane heat transfer films suitable for garment designs that require large CAD-CUT vinyl block colour work, such as numbers, names, and logos, but not for intricate work.

Product Details

  • 9 matt colours
  • Width of 500mm
  • Available in standard roll lengths of 5M, 25M and ‘buy the metre’

Some large CAD-CUT colour garment vinyl letters and numbers are being applied onto a sportswear short under a heat press.

APS product code: CUT BasicFilm


Stahls’ CUT BasicFilm low cost, solid colour CAD-CUT vinyl heat transfer films are ideal for adding large letters, numbers and simple logos onto garments and sportswear.

Stahls’ CUT BasicFilm low cost range of 80µ coloured polyurethane heat transfer cad-cut vinyl films are suitable for large blocks of solid colour work, but not intricate work. For more complex CAD-CUT coloured vinyl garment designs we recommend our Stahls’ CUT SportsFilm.

These garment decoration vinyls are ideal for cutting large letters and numbers, as the material does not have a sticky backer.

The CUT BasicFilm coloured vinyls feature a durable PU film with a non-sticky polyester film carrier.

The surface of this material is smooth and matt, and has maximum opacity.

Suitable for garments made from 100% cotton, poly/cotton blends and 100% polyester.

Application Instructions

  1. 10 seconds at 160°C under medium pressure, peel cold.
  2. Recommended washing temperature is 60°C.
  3. Stahls’ Hotronix® Heat Press recommended pressure setting is 4-6.
  4. For multi-colour designs: apply background for 3-5 seconds, peel carrier cold and repeat for additional colours.
  5. Finish with final application of 18-20 seconds and peel cold.

It is a good idea to use a Cover Sheet when applying graphics to protect your garment and heat press during application.

How to create and apply basic, single colour designs for clothing

A video guide to demonstrate exactly how to create garment decoration films using our Stahls’ CUT BasicFilm and CUT SportsFilm vinyl ranges. This video demonstrates how to prepare, cut and apply our CUT BasicFilm and CUT SportsFilm vinyls onto garments, such as are popularly used on T-Shirts and other clothing, plus aftercare recommendations for the finished garments. (11 mins 14 secs).

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