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Introducing Anti-Graffiti Laminate, T27-P-P – Watch It Repel Graffiti Paints! – VIDEO

Our Anti-Graffiti Laminate ‘T27-P-P’ deters graffiti vandalism by repelling inks from the vinyl surface

We’ve created a quick demonstration video to compare a standard Gloss anti-graffiti film VERSUS our new T27-P-P Satin PET laminate.
Watch our video to demonstrate how effective this anti-graffiti print laminate really is!

T27-P-P Satin anti-graffiti laminate offers these great benefits:

  • The satin surface has no glare and no reflection
  • The anti-graffiti surface instantly repels typical spray paint
  • You can scrape off graffiti due to its scratch resist surface
  • T27-P-P Satin is the perfect deterrent for graffiti artists, protecting campaign signage more than any other laminate
  • This product will save customers costly refurbishments

No graffiti image will look good, or stay on this surface – so there’s no point tagging it!

T27-P-P is resistant to most common cleaning solvents, staining agents and graffiti paints.

» Click here for more information: T27-P-P – Technical Data Sheet.

For more information, samples, or pricing, call our sales teams on: 01753 696977 or 01709 829800 or email: sales@allprint.co.uk

Graffiti spray paint is being sprayed onto a sign hoarding showing the difference between the left and right of the image where the standard gloss laminate on the left of the photo is leaving the graffiti on the surface, but on the right hand side T27-P-P is actually repelling the paint from the surface resulting a non-descript mess with no noticable image or 'tag' - the ink does not adhere and can be easily wiped from the surface.