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Happy Valentine’s Day (Window Installations LOVE ClingSIL Static-Cling Window Films!)

Being ‘clingy’ isn’t often desirable but our ClingSIL static-cling window films are the perfect partner for window graphics!

ClingSIL static-cling window films are easy to remove, reposition and apply multiple times.

Window installations love ClingSIL!

Two ‘easy to apply’ static cling print films that feature a silicone adhesive.

These non-PVC polyester films are available in White or Clear options.

Both are ideal for internal window decorations on glass and other similar smooth surfaces, but can also be used for selective external applications onto glass for 18 to 24 months.

For samples, contact the sales offices.

We stock all the media you need to complete your graphics projects – whatever you need to fulfil your graphics applications we are here to help you.

For more information, enquiries and to place orders contact our sales team: 01753 696977 or 01709 829800 or email: sales@allprint.co.uk