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Getting The best Out Of Your Media: Use Of Self-Adhesive Materials & Applications In Different Conditions

For your information here are some Cautionary Notes offered as a general guide to the use of self-adhesive materials, and for applying in different conditions.

To get th best out of your materials we offer hints and tips, including this post about using self-adhesive materials for applications in different conditions.

The successful appication of self-adhesive materials can be affected by many factors, so we have written this short artical to help bring you the basic facts.

This article covers the following helpful topics:

  • Applying media in hot & cold weather
  • Wet application
  • Cleanliness
  • Washing
  • Printing
  • Out-gassing
  • Plasticiser migration
  • Adhesive milking
  • Location and orientation of graphics
  • Window graphics
  • Magnetic PVC products

» Our Hints, Tips & Technical information pages offer all sorts of other useful information too, be sure to check them out!

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