Beach Flag Belt

The Beach Flag Belt is made of woven elastic webbing and is used for Feather and Teardrop flags – it is essential to ensuring the flag has a tight fit around the support pole. Available in Black.

Product Details

  • Black colour fabric
  • Sold individually
  • Available in 50M x 138mm rolls in Black


Beach Flag Belt woven elastic webbing is essential for making Feather and Teardrop flags.

The Beach Flag Belt material is available in Black and is perfect for use with our Feather Flag Poles and Teardrop Flag Poles.

It is a woven elastic webbing for creating / fixing flag banners to Feather & Teardrop shaped flags, and it is essential to ensuring the flag has a tight fit around the supporting flag pole.

Beach Flag Belt woven eleastic material in the black colour option is shown rolled up in a reel with about a foot length extruding from the roll pointing out towards the viewer.

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