CliniCleanse™ Hand Hygiene Spray / Surface Cleaner – 75% Alcohol Content (1 Litre Bottles)

1 Litre hand sanitiser & hygienic surface cleaner bottle with 75% alcohol content and a trigger spray – sold individually. Kills viruses & bacteria fast, quick drying and moisturising on hands. Made in the UK.

Product Details

  • 1 Litre surface cleaner / hand hygiene spray bottle – sold individually
    = £36 including VAT & FREE delivery
  • Made in the UK

CliniCleanse 1 Litre hand hygiene and surface cleaner sanitiser spray bottle is pictured on its own on a white background with the clear sanitiser fluid visible through the long, swan-necked clear plastic bottle with a white and blue trigger spray cap on top of the bottle neck and the CliniCleanse logo on a branded label facing outwards towards camera.

APS product code: CliniCleanse™ 1 Litre Bottle (Single Units)


CliniCleanse™ hand hygiene spray / surface cleaner with 75% alcohol content – 1 Litre bottles

CliniCleanse™ 1 Litre bottles are sold individually (single units).

Key Features:

  • 75% alcohol by volume content
  • Kills viruses and bacteria fast
  • Quick drying and moisturising
  • Hand hygiene & surface cleaning spray
  • Dispense onto hand and spread over palms, backs of hands and fingertips – also suitable for highly effective hygienic cleaning of surfaces, simply spray onto surface and wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

The key feature is an alcohol by volume content of 75%.
Not many similar products that you can buy from the High Street are 75%.
Most do not actually publish, 40% is considered ineffective against viruses.

Main Ingredients

Denatured alcohol, aqua hydrogen peroxide, limonene, glycerine

Warnings or Restrictions

  • Contains alcohol, do not drink
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • High alcohol content may cause skin to redden
  • Flammable, keep away from flames and heat
  • Not to be used by unsupervised young children
  • Shake well before use

Our hand sanitiser and surface cleaners are available in:

» CliniCleanse™ 60ml spray bottles – packs of 3 (75% alcohol content)
» CliniCleanse™ 60ml spray bottles – boxes of 60 (75% alcohol content)
» CliniCleanse™ 250ml spray bottle – single bottle (75% alcohol content)
» CliniCleanse™ 250ml spray bottles – boxes of 20 (75% alcohol content)
» CliniCleanse™ 1 Litre spray bottle – single bottle (75% alcohol content)
» Green-Clean 1 Litre surface cleaner spray bottle – single bottle (60% alcohol content)

The CliniCleanse product family of 3 bottles sizes are pictured side by side in a row - from left to right the larger 1L spray bottle, then the stumpy 250ml spray bottle and on the right hand side the smallest, portable 60ml bottle. The Clinicleanse hand sanitiser brand logo is shown above the 3 bottle sizes.

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