Flag Stand – Metal Spike Stand Base

The Metal Spike Base is the perfect flag stand for use on soft ground, such as a beach or playing field where a standard floor-standing flag base isn’t suitable.

Product Details

  • Sold individually
APS product code: Metal Spike Base


The Metal Spike Flag Stand Base is the perfect flag stand for soft ground, where a standard floor-standing flag base isn’t suitable, such as on a beach or playing field.

This chrome metal spike flag stand base unit is comprised of a welded set of chrome solid tubes with a sharpened spike at the right hand end for driving into earth. This spike tube is welded to a larger tube to its side and a smaller tube is protuding from the short edge which allows a hollow flag pole to be inserted over it to fix the flag pole into it's upright, vertical position.

Simply push the metal spike end into the ground and insert your flag pole into the specially designed support.

Like our other flag stands, the Metal Spike Flag Stand Base allows flags to swivel securely with the wind direction.

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