Flag Stand – Plastic Base (Small 10L)

Ideal for outdoor events where you may encounter moderate winds and for flags up to 3.2M in height.

Product Details

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Size of main base 55cm in diameter x 14cm high
  • Weight once filled: 22kg Water / 32kg sand
  • Sold individually
APS product code: Small 10L Plastic Base


A small plastic base for flags that is perfect for outdoor events where you may encounter moderate winds.

This image shows the squat, squarish matt black plastic flag base stand with the plastic moulded handle to the front of the image, the detachable screw spindle is upright at the centre of the flag base, and behind that is the plastic cap where either water or sand is inserted to give the base extra weight and stability.

This small 10 Litre Plastic Base Flag Stand is perfect for holding feather flags as the base adds additional weight and support to your flag.

The Plastic Base Flag Stand requires flat ground and is suitable for flags up to 3.2M in height.

Supplied with a rotating detachable spindle which allows the pole to rotate, the base should only be used in areas where you may encounter moderate winds.

Suitable for both aluminium and fibreglass flag pole kits.

We also stock this in a large 20L plastic base.

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