Stahls’ Cover Sheet Grip

A Cover Sheet protects your garment and upper platen from stains, inks, adhesives, and scratches when under the heat press.

Product Details

  • Sheet size of 380mm x 480mm

An open heat press (essentially a large flat iron on a hinge!) with a t-shirt under it between the two heated elements and a brown Cover Sheet is being placed on top of the clothing to protect the vinyl garment decoration film being applied and to protect the heat press.

APS product code: Cover Sheet Grip


When applying heat transfer graphics on a heat press a Cover Sheet not only protects your garment, it also protects your upper platen from stains, inks, adhesives, and scratches.

Cover Sheets protect letters and numbers from being heat applied to the upper heating element of your heat press machine.

They also leave a nice finish on the letters and numbers, protect the garment and upper platen from dirt and dyes, and are reusable.

You can wipe your reusable Cover Sheet with a damp cloth and store it in a flat area to prevent any creasing or wrinkles.

The life of a Cover Sheet depends on how often you use it and if it’s stored and cared for properly.

Reusable cover sheets are more durable and can last several months.

The video below shows how to use Stahls’ Cover Sheet Grip, skip to 10 mins 01 secs.

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