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An Effective & Safe Solution For Printed Floor Graphics On Carpets – VIDEO

We offer an effective and safe solution for printed floor graphics on carpets: Mactac WW 300 combined with LUV6301 slip resistant laminate!

This combination of print vinyl and laminate provides slip rated, short term floor graphic solutions that are suitable for fitting onto carpets.

An effective and safe solution for carpet graphics – ideal for promotional floor graphics and wayfinding signs.

  • R9 slip rated
  • Internal life up to 3 months

Click the following links for more product information, data sheets and applicable slip certificates:

  • WW 300 – 100µ white matt print vinyl with an opaque high tack adhesive for difficult to stick surfaces
  • LUV6301 – 100µ, R9 rated slip-resistant, matt grain textured PVC print laminate for floor graphics

For alternative floor graphic media options take a look at our complete range of printable Architectural & Flooring products, and our internalexternal floor laminates.

We offer a range of media solutions for floor graphics – Contact us if you have any additional questions about our range of slip rated floor graphic media.

For all enquiries, and to request samples and pricing, call us on: 01753 696977 or 01709 829800 or email: sales@allprint.co.uk