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Another satisfied customer… have you tried Fedrigoni’s NEW C50 Digital Wrap Film yet?

Check out Fedrigoni’s ‘Ultimate Slide & Tack‘ in action in these videos and images from the team at ReddiWraps in Redditch!

When ReddiWraps tried the new Fedrigoni self-adhesive cast vehicle wrapping films, C50 Ultimate Slide & Tack cast wrap film and C30 Ultimate laminate and loved it, we just had to share…

The ReddiWraps team said:

“This material boasts great conformability, easy installation and a great finish.
It is really quick to fit and we love how you can peel off the full liner and then apply.
It has a great airfree system, really good to heat and a fantastic stretch.
We removed it after the demo very easily, and it left no adhesive residue.
We look forward to working with it in the future.”

For more great customer feedback on Fedrigoni C50 and C30 cast wrap films take a look at CVI Groups’ Case Study.

Achieve stunning vehicle wrap graphics with Fedrigoni C50 Ultimate print wrap film and matched laminate, C30 Ultimate!

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