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Elevate Your Vehicle Wraps With The ‘Ultimate Slide & Tack’ From Fedrigoni!

Are you ready to revolutionise your vehicle wraps? Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives... The ULTIMATE Slide & Tack vehicle wrapping film!

Revolutionise your vehicle wraps – we have the solution!

Achieve stunning vehicle wrap graphics with Fedrigoni C50 Ultimate print wrap film and matched laminate, C30 Ultimate.

These films can stretch without print distortion and have better opacity due to the darker grey adhesive.

  • Precise application on any surface
  • Extreme repositionability and minimal air channel pattern seen in the face film
  • Exceptional durability of up to 12 years

This cutting-edge vehicle wrapping material is designed to transform your vision into reality… effortlessly.

Benefits include:

  • Easy Application – The Ultimate Slide & Tack ensures a precise application with easy repositioning and minimal air channel pattern seen in the face film.
  • Outstanding Versatility – With optimal repositioning and conformability, you can stretch the graphic without any print distortion or colour whitening. The film adheres seamlessly to all regular and irregular surfaces, including curves, corrugations and rivets.
  • Full Control – You decide when the film reaches its maximum adhesion bond. Make changes or reposition your graphics, even hours after initial contact with the vehicle! Then, just heat up to activate the maximum adhesion bond – giving you full control.
  • Durability – The printable film has a durability of up to 12 years and is fully weather resistant when laminated with the C30 High Gloss laminate. (Matt finish coming soon!)

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