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Media Testing In Our Laboratory – Behind The Scenes – VIDEO

We test our media so that we can offer the best technical support and advice on how to get the best from our large range of media – it is an important part of All Print Supplies complete service.

Did you know that in order for us to give our customers more information, more quickly, we invested in a complete in-house laboratory?

This is the first short video in a series that we are rolling out on our YouTube channel, and will also feature on our social media channels.
This first video focuses testing how well our products will stick (peel adhesion) and testing for potential vinyl shrinkage.

Adhesion testing: We use an industry standard method to measure the peel strength of adhesives across a range of substrates, including stainless steel, aluminium, polyethylene and polypropylene. Samples are applied uner controlled conditions and peel strength measurements are taken at 20 minutes, 24 hours and 7 day intervals – the results recorded in N/25mm2 which gives us a standard measurmentto help compare products over a range of surfaces.

Shrinkage testing: Under controlled conditions samples are applied to aluminium squares and samples are heated in an oven for 48 hours at 70C to accelerate the aging. 48 hours later they are then measured to record any changes in size using an eyeglass which gives us a measurement to understand how stable or how long the product will last before it deteriorates – the smaller the shrinkage value the more stable the product is and the longer it’s lifespan.

All Print Supplies are commited to supply the best products for your peace of mind.

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