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NU-COAT Slip Rated, Floor Graphics Media – For Internal & External Surfaces

NU-COAT offers a complete range of print media & paired laminates for applications onto a wide variety of different internal & external floor surfaces.

Four different internal and external flooring surfaces with safety floor graphics stuck onto asphalt, carpet, ceramic tiles and concrete scrim.

PermPLUS (P), HighGRAB (H), UltraGRAB (U) and MaxGRAB (M) adhesive options provide floor graphic solutions for all types of indoor and outdoor application surfaces.

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A selection of printable base vinyls:

  • PermPLUS (P) adhesive for internal floor applications on smooth non-porous ceramic tiles, smooth marble and smooth wood
  • HighGRAB (H) adhesive for internal floor applications on non-porous & porous ceramic tiles, smooth concrete and short pile carpet
  • UltraGRAB (U) adhesive for internal and external floor applications on non-porous & porous ceramic lightly textured tiles, smooth & slightly textured concrete, short pile carpet and bricks
  • MaxGRAB (M) adhesive for application onto non-porous & porous ceramic tiles, smooth or textured concrete, textured bricks, block paving, tarmac and asphalt

R10 and R11 slip rated laminates:

  • FlooR10 M73-P
    Slip rated to DIN 51130, R10 indoor laminate with a 3 month anti-slip warranty
  • FlooR11 M77-P
    Slip rated to EN 13036-4, R11 outdoor laminate with a 3 month external / 6 months internal anti-slip warranty

*The Health & Safety Executive recommend a 36 PTV (Pendulum Test Value) when wet as a minimum requirement for an R11 rating

Flooring laminates Pendulum Test Values showing the wear durability of NU-COAT's R10 and R11 slip rated floor laminates over a 6 months test period.

Application guide, data sheets & slip certificates are available on each of the product pages on this website.

We stock all the media you need to complete your graphics projects – whatever you need to fulfil your graphics applications we are here to help you.

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